Team Lead Manager for AI Training Data

We can only accept applicants from the United States, Canada, and Latam (Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil ) for this role. We are open to candidates that want to work 100% remote or would prefer to work onsite in NYC or San Francisco.

Loom Video
Our Founder/CEO, Gabe Greenberg, created a more in depth Loom video that we highly recommend you watch! Check it out here:

You’ll join an expert annotation team as a Team Lead Manager to create training data for for the worlds most advanced AI models. No previous AI experience is necessary. You'll get your foot in the door with one of the biggest players in the AI/LLM space today. We are seeking software engineers, engineering managers, and technical program managers with 2+ years of software development experience to lead large teams focused on training AI large language models, helping cutting-edge generative AI models write better code.

You will manage 5-7 Team Leads who each manage a team of 30 software engineers responsible for training the AI model. The team leads that report to you have the following day to day responsibilities and KPI's. We are prioritizing candidates with technical communication and leadership ability over pure coding skills because this is a very fast paced management position.

The Team Lead Manager is responsible for overseeing the training and performance management of Team Leads and independent contributors. This role involves engaging with the contributor community, managing contributor experience, and ensuring the health of data pipelines through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. The Team Lead Manager plays a crucial role in driving high-quality independent contributor performance and project delivery.
What You'll Do:
Train and mentor team leads and contributors, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.
Monitor and manage the performance of team leads, ensuring they effectively train and support independent contributors.
Engage with the contributor community, addressing concerns, and fostering a positive contributor experience.
Assign and reassign teams according to project priorities
Manage independent contributor promotion and demotion processes, maintaining a high standard of contribution quality.
Develop and deliver training content and webinars for onboarding new contributors.
Build insights reports to monitor key metrics of all squads under you and what project each team is working on - review metrics daily
Address and escalate common team issues that are systemic
Provide operational support to team leads and independent contributors, including handling escalations and granting access permissions.
Conduct weekly meetings with team leads to ensure alignment and address any issues.
Hold your team accountable to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
Create a culture of excellence and enthusiasm in your team.
Technical Communication & Leadership Ability. We deeply care about your technical communication and leadership ability as you will be responsible for driving performance very large distributed groups. You should also be a fluent english speaker and be a clear and structured communicator in both one-on-one and team settings.
Lots of Grit. We deeply care about your grit and drive. You should expect late nights and emergencies when you are dealing with team sizes this large. We are looking for people that are high bandwidth and can handle a lot of problems at the same time. We are looking for scrappy folks that don't give up easily and are extremely resilient. You will regularly need to perform basic corporate tasks alleviate logistical burdens on the operations team.
2 Years Experience As a Software Engineer. We are looking for current or former software engineers that want a management role that is fast paced with a lot of moving parts. You should be proficient in at least one programming language (eg. Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, NET, PHP, DART, R, C, C#).
High Bandwidth, Well Organized. You'll need to manage multiple initiatives and track progress effectively as well as being proactive in identifying and addressing blockers affecting team leads and IC's.
Coachable and Curious. You are coachable, with a willingness to take advice, receive feedback, and continuously learn. You are curious and initiative-driven, with a willingness to explore new tools and propose innovative solutions.
Nice To Have's:
Military Background. Previous experience in the military we think could translate to leadership skills serving large amounts of people working towards the same goal in a highly organized and efficient fashion.
Experience Running Large Teams & Processes. If you have management experience running large teams, this is a huge plus. We are looking for someone who can make process improvements regularly.
Proficiency in SQL and data visualization tools. Experience with data viz tooling and SQL will help as you seek to make data informed decisions and hold your team accountable.
Familiarity with data pipeline management and quality assurance practices. The ideal candidate will be adept at designing and optimizing data pipelines to efficiently process and analyze large datasets.
Company Values
Run Through Walls. We are undaunted by barriers and race towards overcoming them. We step outside of our comfort zone, test our ideas, and do the hard work to get to the right solution to a hard problem.
Why Not Faster? We move with agility and intent, and swiftly make two-way door decisions that allow us to learn faster, adapt quickly, and ultimately do more.
Earn Customer Love. We are passionate about our customers and devoted to their success. We know that customer trust and confidence is earned, not given, with every interaction, every delivery, and every time we solve a customer problem.
Intellectual Rigor, Open Mind. We think in clear verifiable hypotheses and continuously obtain data that validates or refutes them. We ask questions and challenge assumptions to get consistently to the truth.
Ambition Shapes Reality. We are extremely ambitious in what we can accomplish. We set high standards, expecting to fail in the short-term but knowing that failure guides us to learn and ultimately succeed.
Team Flow. We are energized by each other’s success and actively invest in others with care, candor, and focus. Ideas flow openly between us because we treat each other with trust and respect.
Ownership is the Job. We think like owners. We embody expansive ownership and are big believers in our ability to drive outcomes and enact change.
Results Speak Loudest. We define goals with intent and evaluate our outcomes with objectivity. At the end of the day, we measure ourselves by our results.
Quality is Fractal. Quality manifests in every layer of a system, from the quality of the finest details all of the way up to the quality of the entire system. The quality of everything we do is important.
Contributors are Cornerstone. Contributors are incredibly important to our success, going into the future. We need to focus on being contributor-first going forward.
Leadership Principles
Share Feedback. Share feedback early and often. Most of the time when someone is underperforming in their role, it is due to a lack of enablement or enthusiasm. Investing time in enabling your team for success will lead to a culture of high performance.
High Bar and High Praise. Recognize good work as often as you can. Positive feedback dramatically increases the likelihood of repetition, and recognizing hard work will encourage your teams to perform with a high level of execution.
Excellence is a Behavior. Create a culture of excellence in all that you do. Move fast with a high bar for execution and demonstrate your standards in your interactions with your team. They will rise to emulate your behavior, and demonstrating your values openly will inspire your team to perform at a high level.
Complaints Go Up. As a manager, it’s important to be aware that you are the representative of the Scale organization to your reports. Maintain alignment with the organization when interacting with your team. Receive complaints and comments from your team, and work to resolve them with your Coordinator or Project Lead. However, expressing frustration to your team degrades their trust in the broader organization. To put it succinctly: “Complaints go up."
Interview Process
1. Apply. Using this Lever form.
2. Async Interview (6 minutes). If you look like a good fit, we'll send an async video interview (6 minutes) with three questions.
3. G2i Interview (30 minutes). You'll chat with someone from the G2i team and we'll assess your technical communication ability, your leadership skillset, and your grit/resiliency.
4. HR Team (30 minutes). You'll chat with the companies HR team.
5. Hiring Manager Interview (60 minutes). If you pass the HR interview, the technical program manager at the company will interview you. We assure you he is really nice and easy to talk with.
6. Offer. The hiring manager will make you a 3 month contract offer if they think you are a good fit.
Annual Salary. In the US the salary ranges from $100,000 - $140,000 depending on location and years of professional experience.
Contract To Hire Position. This position will start with a 3 month contract at an hourly rate that matches the full time offer (50 - 70 USD /hr). If you are moved from the contract to a full time offer, at that point receive the benefits listed below.
Free Lunch & Dinner - 5 days per week
Free Snacks
Gym Discount
Gym / Wellness Reimbursement
Custom Work Station
Maternity Leave - 16 weeks
Paternity Leave - 6 weeks
Unlimited PTO (Vacation/Personal Days)
Health Insurance. Company covers 95% of premiums for employees and 70% for dependents. Offered by Kaiser or Cigna.
Life insurance - 1x salary up to $350,000
Vision Insurance - Offered by VSP
Disability Insurance - STD with 60% up to $3,750/w and LTD with 60% up to $15,000/m
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Note: Some benefits are only offered if you choose to work onsite in NYC or SF (eg. free lunch/dinner, custom work station). In addition if you are located outside of the US you would be considered a full time contractor and some of these benefits will not apply (eg. health insurance, 401k).

Salary: $100,000 - $140,000
Location: United States, Canada, Latam
Remote: OK
Company: G2i
Posted: 2024-03-07

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